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Video Tutorial - Octane for Concept Art - Advanced

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Video Tutorial - Octane for Concept Art - Advanced

Julien Gauthier
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This tutorials for Octane will introduce you more advanced techniques that you can use in your Concept Art workflow.

Video preview here! ->

List of the topics :

- Displacement

- Complex materials

- Subsurface

- Spotlight

- HDRI Studio

- Fog, Smoke, Atmosphere

- OSL texture

- Toon shading

- Scripts (Camera Mapping)

- Scattering

All the files that I'm using in the videos are included:

- Video process with commentary (subtitles but no audio!)

- Original .psd file to show how I work from the render to the final image

- Working files

- Resource Pack (models, displacement maps, textures, brushes, etc...)

Links are provided for you to download other free content I don't own the rights.

A basic knowledge of the software is required!

I'm using Octane 3.06 and above so some functions may be missing if you are using an older version.

This is based on the standalone version, it can be used along any other 3D software. The principles can also apply to the plugins.

I hope you'll like it! :)

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

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