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Random Image Viewer

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Random Image Viewer

Julien Gauthier
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A simple tool I made to pick a random image from a folder. Perfect if you want to challenge yourself and practice some quick drawing or painting or maybe combine several images if you open this app multiple times.

I made this for my own use so it's not perfect, but it's good enough for what I need to do.


  • Display a random image from a specific folder and its subfolders.
  • Grayscale and flipping options
  • Integrated timer
  • Option to automatically repeat the timer and go to the next image with a small audio clue
  • Option to put the windows always on top
  • LeftClick to change image, Zoom with mouse wheel, RightClick to reset transform

Be aware:
-Your antivirus may react the first time (at least it does for me with AVG..) since it's a new program. But after scanning and seeing there is no treat it should be good to go.
-It's a debug mode because for some reason it crashes when it's not..
-Will stop if something else other than a path is entered.
May crash if input folder contains too many subfolders/data to read.
-Mainly work for .jpg and .png images.

For Windows 10+ only!

Thank you! :D

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