Blender Geometry Node Tools - Architectural Pack

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With this product you will get 3 different geometry node groups that you can customize for your needs. It comes with multiple preset examples that you can use and modify at your will. Just plug different input assets! :D

A video about how to use these nodes is also included. But not on how to create the system yourself, you're going to have to do a deep dive in my messy node layout for that, Good luck. ^^

/!\ For Blender version 3.2 or above /!\

1.Auto Stairs, Parapet, Support

I also call this Promenade, Terrace or foundation, depending on how you want to use this. Apply this nodes to your cube and start extruding. It will detect when a face is inclined to add stairs. So you can use this if you just want to make standalone stair module. It doesn't work on helical stairs and can be very buggy.
It comes with a Round support arch, also made with geometry node as a separate object, with an input to control the arch shape between pointy or round. You can plug your own support model or turn it off if you want.

You can also input your own parapet look, corner object or shader and even add a secondary collection to put on top of the corners to create random variations.

/!\Warning: This system won't work in every situation and a lot of problem can appear. Specially if you're trying to do fancy face shape orientation. It's better to stay with rectangular faces.

2.Array/deformed along curve

Use this system to duplicate an object along a curve. There are a lot of options to customize it and multiple examples are included to give you ideas. It can be used for a lot of purposes, not just for walls.

3.Scatter on Faces

This one is pretty simple but can be very handy. It randomly scatters objects on faces, you can change the density and give random transform to the objects. As well as stepped rotation, super useful for buildings or greebles.

4.Hanging Cables

Will convert a single straight line into hanging cables. You can specify how many of them you want, how much they are affected by gravity. You can add a secondary set of hanging cables attached to the first ones. Give them some thickness and position variation as well as adding some wind if you want.

5.Hanging Fabric

This one will turn a simple face into a fabric deformed by gravity (attached by the vertices of your face) You can adjust the tension and add some extrude on the side too.

6.Nets and Ropes

Simple net and rope system.

7.Simple ivy

You can draw your curve and it will spawn geometries around it, the preset is setup to create plants and ivy.

Update 1.1

  • Add 2 promenade presets (industrial and wooden)
  • Add Hanging cables
  • Add Hanging fabric
  • Add Net and Ropes
  • Add Ivy
  • Created Thumbnails for Asset Browser usage.

Huge thanks to Erindale for letting me use his nodes, go check his Youtube channel, his online course and his GeoNode Toolkit! :D

I want this!

7 Geometry nodes + Presets

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Blender Geometry Node Tools - Architectural Pack

36 ratings
I want this!